Christmas on TV

A few days ago I was looking up TV air times for Christmas movies, and found a great wiki with all the Christmas movies scheduled in the US this year. Apparently there was one for last year too. The link was too good not to share.

My only complaint is that since I found the link, it has gone from being arranged by title to being arranged by date. (It still says it’s by title, though. The new format is also littered with bad editing errors.) Some people in the talk section thought organizing by date would be more useful. It is somewhat useful, but if you’re looking up a specific movie, title is better. At least the case should have been made to show both. Plus, the by-date arrangement looks really stupid cluttered up with November listings that have already come and gone.

But hey, Christmas TV listings. It’s really nice having a one-stop place to find that information. Now if only someone would do that with local fireworks in July.


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