Start the presses!

I have not yet uploaded One Woke Up to Barnes & Noble’s PubIt service for Nook distribution, although this is on my very near future to-do list. (One thing I’d like to resolve: I’ve read that PubIt has a very very bad bug in which titles no longer update after payment information changes. This may be moot to me, but it’s the kind of thing that gives a person pause.)

However, as of tonight I have finally submitted the book for publication via CreateSpace in paperback form. This means I now have an ISBN and everything. The interior has a pretty PDF file with ligatures and nice scene breaks, and the cover is a nice wraparound job with a proper spine and the blurb on the back. And I can’t wait to have a physical copy actually in my hands; fortunately author copies are cheap.

I’ve been told by other authors that by doing the Kindle Direct approach first, I shouldn’t experience any problems. If I run into any I’ll go back and blame them. (Not really. Honestly the authors I’ve interacted with on the Kindle boards have been great.) Theoretically once the book passes review—maybe I need to do another step after that but I don’t think so—it will appear on CreateSpace and then shortly thereafter on Amazon, and Amazon should list it as a separate edition so users visiting my product page should see the paperback available.

The Kindle edition currently sells for $5.99, and I’ve set the paperback at $12.99. This isn’t bad, I think, for a trade paperback size (what my former and much-mourned employers referred to as “quality paperback” vs. “mass market”). I considered going as high as $13.99 but I decided not to. I would encourage those interested in the paperback to buy through CreateSpace directly rather than Amazon for purely mercenary reasons, but a sale is a sale and my biggest interest, frankly, is that people read the book at all. And if you have Prime or an order eligible for super saver shipping, you may as well stick with Amazon.

The downside of the review process is that I suspect the paperback edition won’t be available by Christmas. Sorry; life has been too busy. But hey, you can buy a friend the Kindle edition, and chances are the Nook edition should be up by Christmas too. (You can also go to and buy my puzzle book Sudoku Most Foul, if your friend is a hardcore sudoku enthusiast and you kind of hate them.)

Meanwhile I need to press on full steam ahead with The Affix. I resolved the issue of how to discuss where Mike left his car all day Friday. I have more final editing to do but that’s mostly just window dressing at this point. The real work ahead of me is figuring out how to do a cover that doesn’t suck with the limited stock art I already have. I’d really like to get that book out by the end of the year, at least on the Kindle, and I’d prefer not to have a placeholder cover.

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