Day one: shopping (mostly) complete

I wished for snow, and I got it. No regrets. I just hope it sticks around a few days.

Day one of vacation has been a long one, but moderately successful. I spaced on one of the items I meant to buy today, but it wasn’t urgent that I get it today anyway; I’ll have a chance later. I also underestimated the amount of milk I’d need during my grocery run; we usually buy half a gallon and that lasts just fine, but pudding is involved and that throws everything off. I don’t know when we’ll have a chance to actually make that pudding; having to mix it up here throws off my cooking plans Christmas Eve, and I’ll still have a ton of wrapping to do besides that.

Still, most of the grocery running is done, and my Christmas shopping is pretty much finished.  So far, not so bad.

As a nice early Christmas gift, I got the proof copy of One Woke Up in paperback on Thursday. The result turned out beautiful. I had concerns that there might be an issue with the printing being too light or something in the cover being way out of alignment, or even some kind of setting in the interior PDF file being wrong, but it all came out just right the first time. I’m thrilled. Getting the print edition together was no small undertaking, but it’s rewarding to finally have a physical copy of the book.

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