Not one thin dime

Edited for intelligibility: “I’m calling on behalf of the New York State troopers for our don’t-drink-and-drive program. Can we count on you for your support?”

“If you mean not drinking and driving, sure.”

I hold nothing against telemarketers personally; I know they’re just people doing their jobs, and it’s a difficult job. But I’ve had a policy for quite some time now about these charity calls:

Not one thin dime.

It’s not that I dislike charities, or never give to them. We’ve been proud to help out our local ambulance corps, volunteer firemen, and animal rescue before. But if you call me from a call center, even if it’s just to ask if you can send out an information packet, that’s it; we’re done. Not one thin dime from me. I have no patience for it.

You have to do this or they’ll never learn. They’ll probably never learn anyway, but I insist on punishing this behavior.

The guy I talked to today wasn’t especially pushy. I’ve had pushy ones before; I hate those guys. I’ve hung up on those guys, and I seldom hang up on anybody. But he did start the call by addressing me by my wife’s maiden name (which for some reason has persisted in phone listings, despite the fact that we never wanted the number listed to begin with), and that just pisses me off.

If more people stop giving to charities that call from call centers, maybe they’ll switch to some other method of fundraising that doesn’t suck so much. I want charities to raise money for worthy causes, but the line is absolutely drawn here. Don’t give in to these people. Find another charity, give to them, and do not give them your phone number.


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