Mushrooms on the grill

Inasmuch as I won’t have a chance to make this again soon, I may as well post about it so someone else can enjoy it vicariously. If you’re the kind of person who grills just meat but doesn’t think to do mushrooms with it, I’d like to change that. Unless you don’t like mushrooms, that is, in which case feel free to grill more meat.

Last weekend we had a rare spot of nice weather for March, sunny and hovering around 60°. Not to take advantage of that would just be rude. So I pulled out the grill, traded in my old propane tank for a new one, and got a beautiful strip steak and some mushrooms.

My favorite steak preparation is to take Wegmans’ garlic herb seasoning mix, sprinkle it liberally over the steak on both sides, and rub it in a little. That mix is sea salt, garlic, basil, rosemary, black pepper, and nutmeg; mostly you taste the salt, pepper, and garlic, which is how I used to season my steaks (when not marinating in teriyaki) before I discovered this stuff was way better and way easier. If your area has a Wegmans, go pick this up—or get their orange ginger blend, which is very similar and also terrific. If you don’t have access to a Wegmans, move.

Now, the mushrooms: Let it be understood that I have a very small gas grill. It’s maybe about 15-18 inches in diameter. This is enough room to do a strip steak or ribeye, a standard 6 oz. package of mushrooms, and a burger for my wife. So you can do mushrooms even on a very small grill. The grill usually runs about 500°, a little more if fat from a steak or burger drips down to fuel the fire, and it takes about 10 minutes to cook a steak to medium. Mushrooms take about the same time the way I do them.

First, get a couple sheets of aluminum foil. Tear off about a foot and a half for each sheet. Put them together for double-layered protection. Now gently turn up the sides lengthwise so it starts to form sort of a longboat shape. Dump in a 6-8 oz. package of mushrooms: portobello, baby bellas, white, it shouldn’t matter. Lately I’ve used the white ones, pre-cleaned. If you use button mushrooms, you might want to slice them in half.

Now, spread out the mushrooms along the “boat” and fold up the other sides a little, because this needs to hold liquid. At this point I pour on a generous amount of Worcestershire sauce (French’s is my favorite). If I had to measure it I’d say maybe enough to fill a standard dipping cup, so we’re talking just a few fluid ounces. Then add garlic: the basic dehydrated minced garlic you can find in any spice aisle will do (it will rehydrate during cooking), but you can get fancy and add fresh garlic which also tastes very nice. Don’t skimp. Add a few grinds of black pepper. Then, put a stick of butter on top of the mushrooms, and pinch the top of the “boat” shut as best you can over it. This can go on the grill as soon as the meat does, and come off at about the same time.

If you’re doing portobello mushrooms, the other seasonings are optional; butter alone is enough to bring out their best flavor.

When the mushrooms are finished, you can puncture the bottom of the boat to drain off the butter if you want, or just pour everything right into a bowl. These mushrooms should be great on burgers, or as a side to a delicious steak. The foil boat method takes up little enough space that I can do this even on my own tiny grill.

I still want to find new ways to jazz up this recipe, if you can call it that. Other herbs would perhaps not go amiss. Those who can tolerate onions and peppers might find they work well with the mushrooms, but since I don’t cook with them I couldn’t say. And I’d still love to know if there was a way to do bacon with the mushrooms, even if it meant giving up the other seasoning.

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