Zoo day 2013

Today, I finally had a long-delayed zoo day. It was long-delayed by the weather, which sucked up until just recently. As it turned out my wife was able to come along on this one, and both my parents went with us (and ended up treating us). Today was an indescribably perfect day, in the mid-70s and sunny, excellent for a zoo excursion.

The Rosamond Gifford Zoo is under heavy construction, so that their outdoor walkway, normally a loop, is closed off at one end, forcing you to trek all the way back. Still, it’s a nice walk. The red pandas weren’t out, but the Siberian tigers and the snow leopards were quite active, as were the fisher and lynx and a couple of gray wolves—one white and one brown, actually. The elephants seem to really enjoy their new outdoor exhibit, which is huge and grassy. The penguins were in good form; it was nice of them to be so active both in and out of the water, inasmuch as they were at the far end of that trail. (I do wish though that the dark “animal adaptations” exhibit area didn’t smell so strongly of urine, which I’m pretty sure is the ocelot’s fault.) The meerkats were as great as ever.

After the zoo my parents took us to lunch in the mall, which I still always think of as the Carousel even though it’s now officially called Destiny USA. Good food, good company.

Back at home, I watched the next episode of Farscape I had queued up on Amazon Prime: “Look at the Princess”, parts 1-3. Yep, a three-parter, and one of my favorites of the series. We enjoyed the nice air coming in the windows, except when our neighbors did laundry with strongly scented detergents (frell you, Tide) or sprayed what seemed to be industrial-strength mosquito repellant.

I made cheese hot dogs on the grill for dinner. Oscar Meyer used to have good cheese dogs, but they now suck, having given over to using too much turkey and covering it up with strong spices whereas before (in the ’80s and ’90s) they were mild. These were Hofmann hot dogs, a local favorite; they make cheese dogs that are sometimes difficult to find. Of course with the nice weather springing on us suddenly, I had to trek all over the place for hot dog buns, because Wegmans was sold out. We added lots of shredded cheddar to our hot dogs, because that’s how we roll.

After dinner, we went out to the Big Dip. Sadly they are not yet serving soft strawberry; the girl at the counter said it might be as long as June or July. (It’s usually mid-May, and probably will be again; but I like to ask because it helps move things along.) I did have a black forest sundae, though, with chocolate ice cream. That included brownies (with M&Ms, I’m pretty sure), cherry topping, and hot fudge. We brought our sundaes home and watched The Big Bang Theory.

Suffice it to say it was a great day. Spring madness is somewhat abated. And we have a whole week of this gorgeous weather ahead of us.

Yes, this is me being extremely positive. I’ll find something to rant about soon enough.


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