Firefox fail… again

You know, every time I think the Firefox UI team (or as they call it, the UX team, for user experience) can’t get any dumber, they limbo right under the bar. In Firefox 23, they’ve removed the option to hide the tab bar if you have only one tab. The only way to get this back is with an add-on.

What in the unholy frell ever possessed these idiots to think this way?

The golden comment from the Bugzilla issue, which has since been locked down on account of users (gasp) disagreeing with this stupid, stupid, stupid stupid change:

We are aware that some people may use this feature, and if more people where [sic] computer-savvy this change wouldn’t be made, but the UX team has decided that certain options need to be removed for the sake of simplicity.

Here’s something you can take to the friggin’ bank: Every decision the Firefox UX team makes is wrong. Removing icons from the location bar: Wrong. Making tab visibility mandatory: Wrong. Losing the status bar: Wrong. If that’s not obvious enough for some people, I can write it out in crayon.

Here’s a list of extensions that I have to use just to restore functionality Firefox’s UX team took out:

  • Favicon Restorer
  • Site Identity Button Colors
  • Status-4-Evar

Now I can add to that list “Hide Tab Bar With One Tab”, once I give in and move to the next version. Augh.

Meanwhile, they still haven’t managed to fix (to my knowledge) the increasing problem of crashes I’ve been getting on various sites. The biggest is, which also crashes Chrome pretty handily. I don’t know if this is a different extension interacting with it badly, but I rely on Firebug for various things and don’t want to disable it, and I won’t part with Greasemonkey, Adblock Plus, Stylish, or several others I’ve come to rely on. (Still, sooner or later I’ll have to investigate, though. It’s just that I usually run with a lot of windows open, and I don’t want to have to close all of them just to check one page.)

You know what really takes the cake? They’re always recommending that for greater stability, users should trim down their extensions to the bare minimum. Well maybe if these idiots would stop changing crap they shouldn’t be changing, I wouldn’t frelling have to!

I won’t switch to Chrome. It sucks, at least as far as my usage is concerned. That leaves no viable alternatives.

Dangit, I really want to love Firefox. I just hate being kicked in the nuts every time they change something, on account of the UX team being just barely too bright to work at NBC Sports or in Congress. Until now, I thought that a black Civic whose driver never ever signaled and who tinted over his taillights with dark film was the dumbest thing I would see all day.


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1 Response to Firefox fail… again

  1. SaphirJD says:

    Get ready to lose even more When Australis is upcoming. Add-On Bar is going to die, custom toolbars will die, no more small icons, navigation toolbar icons get merged, you can not seperately move them around, you can not put the urlbar into the tabbar!

    With Australis most In-Browser Customiztion Features are killed, and instead you get also a shiny Chrome similiar Skin!

    Test it out and look for Nightly UX – Btw. You could just use Firefox Forks like Palemoon or Cyberfox, which allow you also in the future to use most of the Firefox Customizations.. Without add-ons, for Example Cyberfox 23 has not removed java, image load or tab checkboxes, they restored it :)

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