In search of a supplement

I’d like to take some vitamins on a more regular basis, if I can get myself to remember to take them, but I’d prefer it if I could just swallow one pill a day to work that out, rather than having to swallow a bunch. So I’m on the hunt for a good supplement.

I don’t mind taking megadose D3 separately; I have little, easily swallowable pills for that. (Disclosure: I am not a doctor or health professional. I merely have my own opinions on what’s good based on my own attempts to research what would be best for me.) Most Americans don’t get enough vitamin D3, and there are all kinds of health consequences. They’re finding connections between D3 deficiency and high blood pressure, prostate cancer, and various other maladies. Science is starting to loosen way up on just how much you can take; the NIH guidelines are notoriously low, and other countries like Canada are out in front of the pack now by saying you can take a lot more. When I remember, I take 10,000 IU every few days.

What I’m mainly looking for right now is a good source of vitamin C combined with L-lysine and L-proline. This is the cocktail advised by Dr. Linus Pauling, who bucked groupthink on the whole cholesterol thing. I’m not a believer in the lipid theory; I think, as he did, that high LDL levels are a symptom rather than a cause. High-dose vitamin C along with these amino acids is supposed to kick your body’s first-response repair teams back into gear (cholesterol being a second-tier response, a quick fix to plug leaks like dropping an egg into a hot busted radiator to get your car to safety), and this mix can supposedly clear arterial plaques. People who’ve taken supplements like this swear by them.

Here’s my problem: Right now the L-lysine and L-proline supplements I have come separate from vitamin C, and you need two pills for a single dose. The supplements I’ve found online that mix all three are low-dose and expensive: You get a meager 500 mg of vitamin C along with 500 mg of L-lysine and 200 of L-proline, in two tablets. Pauling recommended vitamin C doses closer to 6000 mg, though. That may be why the supplement suggests taking six to twelve per day. Problem: There are only 90 tablets in the container. If you take six a day, you’ve bought just half a month’s worth. A twelve a day, it’ll last a week.

I’d really like to find something that comes in a big horkin’ container (say, 150 or 300 count) and you take maybe one pill three times a day. I could get down with that.

My doctor has borderline concerns about my cholesterol. I do not, but I do believe they’re symptomatic of my getting older and needing to take better care of my body. Fish oil has always worked well to bring down the numbers before, but 1) I don’t believe it’s addressing the root of the problem, and 2) I have yet to find a good choice for this that doesn’t give me rancid fish burps, and I hate fish to begin with. I will not, under any circumstances, take a statin; again that’s just treating the symptom, and between my own research and the adverse reactions of several family members (albeit not blood relatives) I consider them unsafe. (Incidentally, it’s my understanding that the research on statins pretty well agrees that they have no benefit to women at all. If you’re of the female persuasion, don’t let your doctor push you into them.)

The bottom line is I want something to dose up on vitamin C and these healthy aminos, but I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a bottle that will last only a week or two. I’d prefer to keep the regimen as simple as possible, which means no screwing around with multiple tablets per dose if I can help it. Isn’t there a place to find something like that?

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