The dreaded skin tag

Everyone hates skin tags, but I’ve been getting more and more motivated to do something about one in particular. For a long time now I’ve had one in my inner, upper thigh where it chafes something fierce when I do a lot of walking. Covering it up with a bandage only goes so far.

Each time I’ve been in to the Fair this year, I’ve bandaged up the tag. Each time, the bandage has eventually failed me. If the tag itself doesn’t start pulling, the bandage does. By the end of the day everything is sore and red and angry.

I really need to do something about this.

In the past I tried Compound W wart remover strips. They’re basically standard bandages where in the middle of the pad, there’s a medicated section. Problem is that in the past, this didn’t do squat. I had some left so I figured I’d give it another go, but I’m not expecting much.

I read online that some people put fresh garlic on it. Others, a paste of baking soda and either castor oil or water, but that has the unfortunate problem of needing to be changed several times a day. Anything that requires multiple applications per day is a non-starter for me.

Others have posted that crushing up aspirin and mixing it with just enough water to form a paste will do the trick; it’s essentially the high-yield version of the wart remover strip I have on right now, except maybe it’ll do something. Problem there: While it may take only a few applications, I’d have to trust the bandage not to fall off. I don’t want to have a cat investigate a fallen bandage and get poisoned by the paste. (This is more my wife’s concern than mine; I suspect they’d leave it well alone.)

Apple cider vinegar is sworn by by some people, yet others say it does nothing except irritate all their skin. Then again, the tag might need roughing up a bit before application. I didn’t do that with the wart treatment, and maybe that’d help. I was hoping when I applied it last night though that it was already inflamed more than enough.

I’m not snipping it off or tying it off. No friggin’ way.

It’s all so confusing, but I should probably try to move up from the method I’m using now, just because I know if it works at all, it takes way too long. I probably won’t pursue a more aggressive treatment until after the Fair, but I’d like to finally be rid of this albatross once and for all.

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