Bacon seasoning: post-mortem II

I decided to try to amend my bacon seasoning’s clumpiness by spreading it out on some parchment paper, and putting it in the oven at 200° for a few hours. Result: Clumpy bacon seasoning that tastes overdone. Rats. That also means, very likely, that drying the bacon in this way after the first blend but before the final blend will result in the same failure.

Then I remembered something from an episode of Chopped, and a few Google searches later, I found what I was looking for: tapioca maltodextrin. It can stabilize a fat into a powder. Fat is the main problem, I think, behind the clumpiness of the mix.

It turns out making bacon powder with maltodextrin is absolutely nothing like the recipe at Todd’s Kitchen. However, starting with his bacon cooking method is probably a great way to render out the fat needed. Making maltodextrin-based bacon powder involves using just the fat, about 3:2 by weight vs. the maltodextrin.

I already know I’ll need a proper food processor for the next time I try this, so that plays well into the powder method. I’ll also need a kitchen scale.

What I’m left wondering is if leaving the meaty bits of the bacon in would work too. I kind of hate to lose that aspect of it, since it gives the seasoning such a nice color. (My seasoning is a light pinkish-brown, because it has so much salt.) If I had added maltodextrin to the mix instead of salt, would that alone have been enough to fix the flaws in the seasoning?

Well, I may have to find out sometime. A tub of maltodextrin is relatively cheap on Amazon, and that will go a very long way.

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