Credit where it’s due

Permit me an anti-rant.

I’ve been frustrated a lot over the years with Time-Warner Cable. Their new DVR software rollout a few years ago was a mess: The feature that skipped back a bit when you fast-forwarded wasn’t so bad, but the idiots who designed that feature also applied it to rewind. I don’t like the way the channels have been rearranged. I’d like the option, somewhere, of watching and/or recording certain channels in SD (mostly because those channels haven’t mastered Aspect Ratios 101 and can’t be trusted with new technology). And their constant rate hikes, including a somewhat new and ridiculously overpriced rental fee for the cable modem, are insane.

But they do some terrific customer service.

As of a month or two ago I started experiencing Internet “burps” again. These things come on in the evening hours, starting around 5 or 6 PM, and occur usually two or three times over the space of a couple of hours. This has happened a number of times in the past. Once it went away on its own. The last time, I replaced the cable modem but that didn’t stop it; it turned out to be at least partly my router’s fault, so I had to replace that too. (I’ve had to accept that these devices have a shorter lifespan than they probably should.) But this time when it happened, it took out the phone too.

I talked to some techs and got up to tier 3 of their tech support, where a helpful guy named Mark did a bunch of tests including resetting the modem and checking some diagnostic tools. He concluded based on his information that my theory of an upstream problem, while initially plausible, didn’t fit the data he was seeing, and that replacing the modem again (it had been a couple of years) was the right call.

Today I went and replaced the cable modem at their offices. The lady at the counter was super friendly and the whole thing was a piece of cake. When I got home, though, I encountered a problem, and had to call support again, this time on my cell phone; but we got it working, again thanks to good support. Later in the evening my wife found out our account-associated e-mail addresses had been messed up by the change, so she called and got that straightened out too.

Every time in the past I’ve encountered a problem with the service, I’ve dealt with some really wonderful people. And I’ve seen the opposite on plenty of occasions, particularly when I had some issues with HP a number of years back. But Time-Warner’s people are all helpful, pleasant, and get the problem solved. Technicians who’ve been to the house have all been great, too.

So though it goes against my nature not to complain, it’s worth taking a moment to offer kudos to all the people who man the call center, tend the front desk, and travel to spider-infested basements to get the job done. I’m sure they don’t get nearly enough thanks or recognition for it, so here’s to them.

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