Too soon for spring

Today I had to run an errand over lunch. Since it was a beautifully sunny day, and temperatures were pushing up darn near 50, I decided that I should enjoy the time out while I still had the chance, since we’re supposedly going to get another foot of snow with a winter storm tomorrow. (Dangit, the last stuff has hardly had any time to melt!) I ended up driving up to the Great Northern Mall and getting a bag of Wetzel’s Pretzels bits. With cheese for dipping of course.

That may have been a mistake.

Since the switchover to Daylight Savings, I’ve been fighting my inner maniac to stave off the spring madness. One of the reasons I thought I should at least take a quick drive was to get some more sunshine and hopefully put this off longer, but I think it backfired. The Great Northern is one of my favorite springtime haunts. But even before I got there, all I could think about was how nice a day it was (comparatively) and how much I can’t wait for grill weather.

So now I’m thinking about what it will be like to get out the grill, and throw on some steak, chicken, burgers, hot dogs, ham steak, and maybe some pork. Also my thoughts turn to salt potatoes, and corn. I’m pretty sure I dreamed about my raspberry bushes the other night.

This is a very dangerous time of year for me. The weather will undoubtedly get worse before it gets much better (imminent snow storm aside), and there will be many gray, rainy, cold days ahead. Will the weather turn nice for a zoo day in early April? Will we have an early bout of high temperatures, or late? I don’t know the answer to any of these, and the wait for good weather is psychological torture.

The impending snow will actually help. When I see snow it pushes back some of the spring madness, resetting some broken inner clock to tell it it’s not time yet. Better that than rain.

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