Breakfast sausage, revisited

I took another stab at making breakfast sausage. This time with a pound of ground pork, I added two teaspoons (not one) of pickling salt, two (not one) of rubbed sage, and again half a teaspoon of black pepper. Plus a little water, though I probably should have used a little more; I doubt it was more than a few tablespoons. Once the seasonings were thoroughly mixed in, I made them into large patties as thin as I could get them, which was about half an inch; I ended up with four of them, so essentially they were all a quarter pound.

New observations: First, the sausages still took 8-9 minutes to a side on medium heat. I need to get these puppies thinner somehow. Maybe I should break out my burger press. Second, they probably could have used a smidge more water. Third, this seasoning mix was just right. Although it’s a little salty, I like a salty sausage. I didn’t find it cloyingly so, and a single teaspoon of salt clearly wasn’t enough. If you want to try this yourself but you’re afraid of too much salt, use a teaspoon and a half. I have no idea what this works out to if you use kosher salt or table salt instead.

Along with one of my sausage patties—with American cheese melted on top, because that’s how I roll—I had some salt potato home fries. There were six potatoes left from my salt potato experiment the other day, so I cut them up and fried them in some butter, with a little rosemary and black pepper (surprisingly, they also needed a little salt). Pro tip: Do this on higher heat. On medium they just take forever and don’t get brown.

So that was my simple dinner of breakfast food. (Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner, really?) The rest of my sausage patties are in the freezer, and I have about half of the home fries left in the fridge. Not too shabby. And from now on, I have my nearly perfected sausage recipe to use whenever I want.

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