I hate this part

It’s as I feared: This has not been a “normal” spring so far, in spite of my hopes that the fairly typical winter would translate to one. Yes, we just had a mostly rather beautiful weekend, but the second week of April has come and gone with no Zoo Day. When this happens, it means we get a flash-in-the-pan warm spell like the one we just got, or none at all, followed by temperatures dropping back down into nature’s “screw you” range with lots and lots of steady rain. That’s where we are right now.

Today it’s rainy. Horribly rainy. It’s coming down thick everywhere, the sky is gray, and it’s cold. This grates on my nerves to no end, and is the thing I hate most about spring. When a Zoo Day comes in its proper time, it’s easier to deal with because then at least I’ve been out to enjoy the nice weather before we got the obligatory crap. I’m already cruising at a 7 on the Nicki Minaj rage scale, completely irrespective of much of the music I heard earlier today (it would be higher).

I imagine people who are much more affected by the seasons than I am, move. I couldn’t do that; I really do love where I live. But winter does wear on so, and there comes a point you just need good weather to arrive and stick around awhile. That point is usually in February. This hasn’t even been a bad year, as oppressive winters go; I’ve had to deal with some that stretched on into freaking May, with temperatures hovering around 50° for six weeks while Mother Nature gives everyone the finger. But I’m always a wee bit pissed off when the weather doesn’t cooperate in early April, if just for a few days.

The good news is that the sun might come back out in a few days. The bad news is the temperatures are doing that low hover thing for the foreseeable future. And for right now, we have plenty of gray and rain. Argh. This is going to need a lot more bacon.

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