Zoo Day blues

Gads I hate it when this happens.

I’ve mentioned before how my mother and I have a Zoo Day tradition, where we both take the day off and head to the zoo, along with anyone else who wants to come, on the first genuinely (and predictably) nice day of spring. It has to be a weekday, has to be at least 70°, and has to be sunny or mostly sunny; I’ll never say no to a few big puffy cumulus clouds. This is a potent restorative after the kind of winters we get around here, and its importance to my year cannot be understated. In an “average” year, which means roughly half the time, this happens during the second week of April. But in the other years, the nice days miss the window and lousy weather drags on until May. Guess which kind of year we’re having.

A few weekends ago it was relatively gorgeous; we even got a Sunday where we hit darn near 80° and it was sunny and beautiful. But that was a weekend, and then the weather went back to crap. Then just this Monday, we had another beautiful day. Problem was, there was a not-insignificant chance of rain, and Monday is kind of a lousy day for either of us. It ended up hazing over a few times during the day which is not acceptable for a Zoo Day, but otherwise it would have been quite lovely. And now that’s over with, and we’re back to crappy, cold, often rainy weather. The ten-day forecast, inasmuch as it can be relied on at all, is bleak.

So it looks like I’m screwed until May, again. Argh.

This isn’t just a lot of pointless railing over nothing. Taking a mental health day when it’s absolutely beautiful out, when you can get your fill of taking in nature and then move on to an afternoon of promise and infinite possibility, is downright soul-cleansing.

I will say this in favor of the May Zoo Day, about the only thing that makes this delay acceptable: There will be leaves on the trees then. When spring blushes early in April the trees always know better. In May, seeing them in their glory makes the experience marginally better. It’s a small comfort, but it’s something.

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