The great browser exodus, part 2

I’ve gone ahead and made the switch to Pale Moon. It’s too soon to say how it is on performance, including CPU usage, speed, and memory. However the annoyances that went along with the switch were really no worse than those of previous Firefox updates that made major UI changes. I used the profile import tool, which worked like a charm.

One of the changes I disliked was that my theme died. Qute 3++ Custom Mod isn’t supported anymore as of Firefox 29, and apparently it’s not compatible with Pale Moon either. I switched to another classic Qute version, which seems to be missing some icons (like for extensions in about:addons), but is basically otherwise fine.

Another problem I encountered turned out not to be Pale Moon’s fault. Firefox 29 is also taking inappropriate blame for it. Apparently, the developer of AdBlock Plus made a boneheaded decision to load ABP after the browser, so that it doesn’t delay the browser’s startup time. Problem: Tabs restored from a previous session load without ABP running. This is a serious security and privacy risk, which I believe only happened because of the switch to the new browser automatically updating the add-on. I disabled automatic updates for ABP and went back to version 2.5.1, before the change. I strongly advise everyone to do the same; 2.6 is unusable, and future versions will be too until the developer pulls his head out of his butt.

Tabs looked a little too different to me, as did the toolbars at the top. I did some styling to deal with it. Stylish Custom was also broken (I couldn’t edit styles), but I apparently had an older version and once I updated, it was fine. Here are the lines I added to userChrome.css:

#toolbar-menubar, #nav-bar {border: none !important;}
#navigator-toolbox toolbar:not(:last-of-type) {border-bottom: none !important; border-collapse: collapse;}
#tabbrowser-tabs tab.tabbrowser-tab {padding: 3px 0 1px 0 !important;}

I was also able to disable a number of add-ons I no longer need, because they were installed solely to deal with the Firefox UX team’s steamroller stupidity. Favicons are back by default, as is color coding for security status. Auto-hide the tab bar if there’s only one tab? No problem! And I have a proper status bar. Good gads, I might even be able to re-enable Colorzilla after all this time.

Time will tell how this switch works out, but my expectations have been rewarded so far and so they remain quite high. From here on out, the Firefox UX team’s idiotic decisions are Somebody Else’s Problem, at least until I get my Ministry of Compliance up and running.

Update: I discovered the issues I needed to fix with tabs and the toolbar, with that code in userChrome.css, were in fact artifacts of the new theme. I found out Qute 3++ would work if I went back to version 1.24, so that’s what I’m using now, and I was able to back those changes out of userChrome.css. Apparently for add-on purposes, Pale Moon 24 thinks of itself as Firefox 24. However, Qute 3++ is no longer being maintained because the developer threw up his hands in frustration after Firefox 29, so I fear this is a temporary fix unless I start mucking with the theme files. At least I’ve kicked this particular can down the road, though.

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