A dream of scrambled eggs in a waffle

Bad idea mode has been upon me again lately, and time has been against me so the weekends have been too full to do anything about it. Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about my idea of making fried rice au gratin balls, and having read up on some arancini recipes, I think I’m gonna take a shot at it fairly soon. I picked up some Panko bread crumbs, mostly because I’ve never used them and wanted to give them a shot, but also because I think the extra crunch factor would be kinda nice.

But thinking about frying things also put me onto some other ideas. For instance I’ve seen recipes online for making pancake-battered sausage bites, which I think would be awesome, and that got me to thinking: Is there a way to get cheesy scrambled eggs to hold together long enough inside waffle batter that they’d fry up nicely? Obviously they’d have to be frozen first, and for that to work at all I suspect they’d have to be forced into some kind of mold that would hold them in vaguely a spherical shape until they froze. (Bonus if the mold had to be buttered.) Problem is, although egg proteins work wonders for cohesion on everything else, scrambled eggs are a different animal—especially when cheesified—and might be too loose to work here.

Then of course there’s the obligatory question of how to work bacon into the concept. Since I’m thinking a ball a little bigger than a golf ball would be best, and I cut my strips of bacon in half before I cook them, if each half strip was shaped into a C they could interlock around the eggs like the cover on a baseball. That would mean partially frying each piece, then finishing the job with some kind of heat-conductive form till they got mostly crispy. This seems wildly absurd, but such is my madness that I’m actually thinking through the problem.

Maybe this is too far-fetched even by my standards. All I know is, cheesy eggs and bacon in a waffle shell (albeit without waffle dimples) would be awesome. Sure, pancake batter would work too. Maybe there’s a reason I can’t find any recipes like this already, though, and maybe that reason transcends the fact that it would require cooking implements that probably don’t exist. But I believe Alton Brown would find a way.

Update: What an idiot I am! Silicone ice cube trays! The answer was staring me in the face the whole time. I’ve ordered a pair from Amazon (God bless Prime) so I can put some of my crazier schemes to work. This will be a huge help the next time I take a stab at fried macaroni and cheese.

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