When Play doesn’t mean Play

I have a bone to pick with certain sites, because what they’re doing seems to be a trend.

When I’m on Facebook I’m constantly seeing posts shared by my family, of amusing or touching videos that have gone viral. I don’t mind those posts. What I mind is that they have this big Play icon, but the whole thing is in fact just a link to the site so I can watch the video there—even if it’s just an embedded YouTube video that could have been posted directly. And I have oh so much blame to spread around for this. That blame does not extend to my Facebook friends who have simply liked something and clicked Share, because having them click through and just share the video directly is a bit much to ask.

First off, I blame the sites themselves. This is clearly just a ploy to get eyes directly on their page where they can serve ads. It’s not that I think this is so horrible, but when everybody’s doing it, or when the majority of the videos come from there, it’s a bit obnoxious. Also, what is the deal with Petflow posting videos that have nothing to do with pets? It’s like they’re trolling for clicks now.

Second, I blame Facebook. Their stupid autoplay thing has driven more and more sites to do this, because it’s actually a convenience for mobile users who can’t install FB Purity. (If you’re on a regular computer, though, do yourself a favor and install FB Purity.) Facebook changed their app a while back to disable autoplay unless you’re on WiFi, but there are still users who get dinged with excess mobile charges because of the type of WiFi they’re on.

All signs point to this trend continuing. It’s freaking depressing.

Of course, as long as I’m complaining about issues related to video and Facebook, I might as well bring up that their built-in video player sucks. People, don’t post videos directly to Facebook. Post them on YouTube like you’re supposed to and embed them on Facebook, because Facebook’s native video is a stuttery mass of fail. This especially applies if you run across something viral. Go to YouTube and find the original, so you don’t waste your friends’ time with CPU-sucking garbage and you stop the diseased version from spreading.

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