A fry postponed

Wouldn’t it figure? I finally got a weekend to try some culinary mad science, and the allergy hammer hit so hard I was robbed of all ambition to try anything. Fried rice au gratin balls will have to wait for another time, unless I get really ambitious tomorrow.

But fried macaroni and cheese, that’s another story. The thing is, I can get it ready and freeze it, and fry any time. I still have some mozzarella sticks in my freezer waiting for a fry. (I don’t deep fry very often.)

Working from the flash of insight I got the other night, I ordered a pair of silicone ice cube trays from Amazon. These are actual cubes, about 1.5 inches to a side, which is absolutely perfect; the package says they’re 1 oz. cubes, which I assume is fluid ounces. Each tray has 15 cubes, so we’re talking about roughly a 4-cup capacity between the two of them. This means that all I have to do now is buy a couple boxes of macaroni and cheese, load up the trays, and eat what’s left over. Each box is 3 cups, which is really too much for me to eat, so eating just 2 cups will fit the bill just swell.

Once the mac & cheese cubes are good and frozen, in theory all I have to do is give them a good dredge in egg, roll them in bread crumbs, and return the lot to the freezer until the next time I choose to get out the fryer.

The ice cube trays will also eventually see use in attempting to bring forth my demented concept of pancake-battered breakfast bites. Once I try that I’ll post my results, but the concept I have in mind is to make cheesy scrambled eggs (I like mine with Velveeta), load up the ice cube trays with the mix, add bits of bacon I’ve already cooked, then freeze. When it’s time to fry, I’ll make up a batch of pancake batter (maybe a half batch) and coat the eggs in it. Will it hold together? No idea. Will it be yummy? If it works, absolutely. If anyone else beats me to the punch on this, feel free to share your results.

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