Epic meat weekend!

Football season is here! For my team’s first game of the season, a feast is in order. However my grill has been getting sad from neglect, and I need to make amends for that this weekend too. And the other night I got struck by Bad Idea Mode, where I realized it had been a while since I made chicken parm meatballs. The result of all this is that I’ll be cooking many kinds of meat this weekend.

First up, I’ll be marinating a sirloin steak in teriyaki sauce Friday night and grilling that up Saturday, alongside some chicken for my wife. There will also be mushrooms. When I do a steak this size, I have leftovers for some time. This is a problem because I’ll also have leftovers from my other dishes, but as the wise man said: those are good problems.

Saturday night, I plan to make two half-batches (1 lb. each) of the meatballs. One I intend to make straight. The other I’m making for my wife, who is not only eating low-carb but has discovered a childhood wheat sensitivity has come back. (Wheat appears to be the reason she was getting nosebleeds when taking vitamin D3.) In place of the seasoned bread crumbs I’ll be substituting almond flour mixed with Italian seasoning. I tried this before with pork rinds, but pork rinds didn’t bind well enough and the meatballs oozed cheese out all over; I’m hoping almond flour will do the trick, though this will be my first time cooking with it.

After making the meatballs, and eating some of course, I’ll get my wings marinating—also in teriyaki, which I’ll probably have to buy more of—and then on Sunday I’ll cook them up for the game. Once those are ready I’ll also nuke a few leftover meatballs to go with them, because why not? And late in the game, I plan to cut up various cheeses and enjoy them with some apple cider.

The Fair is over, but protein binging goes on. As another wise man said, the only thing better than meat and potatoes is meat and meat.

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