Halflight Lives!

I didn’t participate in NaNoWriMo this year, but I had a darn good excuse: I was already frantically working on adapting my long-dormant comic into a novel. This past weekend I finally finished the first draft, and managed to fly through a rough edit of the first draft.

The effort started in July, but it didn’t really get rolling hard until much later, so all things considered this book came together really fast, at very much a NaNoWriMo kind of pace. That’s the benefit of having it all scripted out, I suppose. The hardest thing I ran into was the adaptation barrier, trying to figure out what scenes couldn’t work, what could, and what of the former could be saved.

A few jokes fell out along the way and, honestly, I’m fine seeing some of them go. But a few new ones unexpectedly fell in, so the trade-off was worth it. Another benefit of the scripts is that I was able to insert foreshadowing or simply fill in details that don’t come up till much later, so that everything feels more connected.

The first book finished exactly where I wanted it to. Word count is slightly higher than expected, but not by so much that it’s far out of line with my original goal. I wanted around 80K, and got about 82K.

Now the hunt begins to settle on a subtitle, and I’m going to start looking into cover options. I think this is the kind of book where I could composite a cover with stock photos myself (except, of course, if I wanted to include the ship on the cover), but there’s one major problem: I’d want a cover that said it was both sci-fi and humor, and that’s a hard pairing to achieve.

In the meantime I’m still moving forward trying to get Below out of post-production hell. I still have a goal of getting that out before the end of the year.


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