Wanted: Summer

It’s supposed to be June.

The weather this month has been maddening. If we get any sunshine, it’s because it either just rained or it’s going to rain in a few hours. We’ve even had extra showers the useless weather goons never even predicted. Even for Syracuse this variability is a bit much. Ulgh. Send some of our rain California’s way; they need it.

Between that, and crazy hectic weekends, I haven’t had a chance yet to try my next mad science idea. What I want to do is butterfly open some big boneless chicken breasts, put in a couple folded slices of American cheese, and close them back up with meat glue. (Why American cheese? It’s fairly mild and melts nicely. I suppose Swiss is more of a classic choice, but I’ve never cared for Swiss.) Then, I want to also use meat glue to wrap, oh, maybe three strips of bacon around the whole thing. After wrapping tightly and leaving them in the fridge for a day, they should become one solid piece of meat with cheese inside, ready to throw on the grill. If I ever get a chance to do this, I’ll post how it turned out.

In other miscellany, one reason blogging has been sparse is that my job has been in transition—and so has my wife’s. My new job is the same as my old job, except I’m the boss now. Unfortunately my new boss is a jerk who won’t let me take road trips to nowhere in particular for absolutely no reason during our brief interludes of sunshine, or just blow off the day to read a book, so I have to ply him with promises of popcorn chicken to get him out of the house.

Oh, and recently there was the little incident with my car. A woman across the street (pretty sure she doesn’t live there) decided to back out seconds after I did, and ended up backing into my front end as I was not able to accelerate away in time. Long story short, my insurance company totaled the car but the payout was more than the repair cost, and the damage didn’t impact the car’s internals except for a headlight mount. No damage to the other vehicle, an SUV. I’m trying to get collision and comprehensive reinstated, because even though the car is 15 years old it’s in great shape. (Seriously, make your next car a Civic.)

I’m trying to get back into writing. Below has been stuck in limbo for a while for lack of beta readers. My sister started the book but found the dialogue was throwing her off, so I need to figure out what I can do to clarify who’s saying what. (This has never been a big issue for me before, so I’m also wondering if the fact that she just came off reading through the entire Harry Potter series had any bearing on her perception. Still, can’t hurt to check.) I’ve also been looking again at Gray Area, which I think is in better shape than I originally thought, but there are some rough edges I’m still working to sand down.

To the KBoards folks, sorry, I haven’t been on in quite a while now, so for now the blurb doctor is still out. Other priorities have pulled my attention. I’m hoping that eventually I’ll get back to something like normal here. Hopefully the weather gets back to normal first.


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