Stop sharing Facebook videos!

This is an intervention.

You may or may not know it, but Facebook video sucks. It’s extremely slow to play, it buffers like crazy, and it’s just a nuisance all over. Not just for me, but for lots of people. YouTube does not have this problem. Yet more and more, I’m seeing videos posted as craptastic Facebook video instead of YouTube links. This wouldn’t be so bad for a direct share from someone’s phone, but I’m seeing this for videos that are already on frelling YouTube!

I have lots of relatives who post cute videos of their kids directly to Facebook. I get that it’s convenient. It’s fine, really. What I can’t tolerate, though, are those viral posts where somebody is sharing a Facebook video that was obviously on YouTube already. Does anyone need to see the Facebook version of a hilarious squirrel prank when they can watch it on a site that actually works? This is the equivalent of converting your Blu-ray collection to a 1997 RealPlayer format. It’s like taking the engine out of your car and welding the chassis to a bicycle. It’s like playing a symphony on AM radio. Don’t do it!

Buzzfeed is one of the worst about this, but they’re not the only offenders. Why in the frickin’ world would anyone do this when they can post a YouTube link and have it perform a million times better? I wonder this every single time I see one of those posts about a cool recipe to try. The one that finally set me off today was a prank thing pertaining to Star Wars; the page that had shared it did so as Facebook video, and in a comment they linked directly to the original YouTube video.

Is there some kind of point to re-uploading a video that someone else legitimately posted on their YouTube channel? (And Buzzfeed: Is there a point to using Facebook video at all?) I’d genuinely like to know, if only so we can find out how these things are being incentivized and bulldoze the unholy crap out of that system.

Facebook’s site performs so terribly on my computer that I seldom even bother to view a video there unless it’s on my iPad. Their app is ninety kinds of garbage, and I can’t use Purity with it which is frustrating, but at least there I can see a video without it stuttering like a bad flipbook.

And half the time someone shares a YouTube video, it’s not directly; it’s as a link to one of those clickbait sites, where they embedded the actual video on their page. If you go there they get all kinds of ad views, all for making you view a video directly and probably in a worse environment than you’d see on YouTube itself. I have no need nor tolerance for unnecessary middlemen like this. I actually created a Greasemonkey script that bypasses those sites and links directly to the YouTube video they contain, so I don’t give those jerks any of my time. There’s at least one site that found an annoying way to prevent that, but otherwise that script has spared me a crapload of grief.

Get it together, people. If you see a viral post with Facebook video and you’re tempted to share it, don’t. Because that video exists on YouTube, and you can simply look it up, grab the link, and post it afresh yourself in a format that doesn’t suck. And if you see a viral video from a certain site like Someecards, grab the video link and post that instead; then people can view it right in Facebook itself. I’ll watch the cat videos and recipes and music mashups happily, but share them properly.

And if you know anyone who works at those clickbait sites, lob a piece of fruit at their head for me. Preferably a pineapple.

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