Hillary’s campaign is spamming me

I previously mentioned how I’ve been receiving wrong-number calls from New Hampshire for a “Christine”. That hasn’t happened again recently, although I’ve had some wrong-number hangup calls that seemed suspicious.

But today, a short while ago I got a spam text. “Alex” from Hillary Clinton’s campaign wanted me to go vote in the New Hampshire primary.

My reply reminded Alex that 315 is not, in fact, a New Hampshire area code. Some colorful language with my favorite dip- word may have been included. Because my phone is not very good with texting, I kept it succinct.

For bonus idiocy, I got a second identical spam text while writing this post. The sad part is, I’m pretty sure that means Alex isn’t real and did not in fact receive my reply.

No political point to make here, but I have no truck with spammers. (I’d be righteously furious no matter which campaign the message had come from.) Text message spamming is one of the worst forms. So whoever at that campaign got the bright idea to pull this stunt: Screw you, buddy.

I ain’t too happy with Christine right now, either. I can’t help but wonder if one of her idiot friends gave “her” number to the campaign as part of a get-out-the-vote initiative.


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