College weather

I’m looking out my window at the beautiful day today, and it’s killing me. I’ve been out there already at lunchtime, but still I’m drawn outside. The sky is blue with fluffy clouds, it’s only about 80° out, and the light is just so that it pushes all the right buttons in my soul to make me want to get out there.

As a creature of patterns, familiar weather always puts me in nostalgic moods, but some more than others. This day specifically reminds me of the day I went to college orientation, 22 years ago. I was 17 years old at the time, and I’m pretty sure it was the Tuesday right before the Fair. (Although I could be wrong; it could have been that Thursday, which would have been opening day for the Fair. Either way I know classes always started the following Monday, a week before Labor Day.) It’s hard not to look back on that time without nostalgia, especially those first few days of classes that I remember were so sunny, just like this.

The feeling inside me now is a lot like the spring madness, except it’s sort of an end-of-summer madness. There’s a fall madness too, but this is different. Every cell in my body wants to run outside and drive somewhere to enjoy the day. And today I have the freedom to do it; I’m my own boss and could take the time off if I wanted to. The problem is, I don’t know where I would go, or what I would do when I got there. I have no outdoor agenda right now, and wouldn’t mind playing a part in someone else’s.

I’m not in any particular mood to go on a shopping spree. I can’t think of any “destination” types of places that I would want to go, particularly since anything that comes close is a fall thing. Right now my body is primed to want to go out to the Fair, but we’re two days early here.

The sad thing is, by sticking with my normal routine I feel like I’m squandering this beautiful day. I have nothing particular that I would do with it, but it feels wasted anyway. Would that I could swap this out for a day in February; I could live with a little snow right now, in exchange for a day of warmth and sunlight and beautiful leafy green when the world is bleak.

But still, pity the poor kids in those evil places where school—not college, mind you, but public school—has already started. When I become a supervillain, I will criminalize starting the school year before Labor Day, and ending it after May. At least I have the choice to go out if I wanted to; I’m stymied for more complex reasons. A kid should have the chance to play on a day like today, and around here at least they still can. For now. The time is running short, the sun is setting earlier, and to quote House Stark, winter is coming.

Oh, well. At least pretty soon McDonald’s will expand their all-day breakfast menu.

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