Hot dog bun upcycling

I got some hot dogs the other night (actually, they’re Johnsonville Beddar with Cheddar sausages, but basically cheese hot dogs) because with fall coming on there’s only so much time left to use the grill, and I hadn’t had those in a while. But they come in a pack of 6, and the hot dog buns I bought came in an 8-pack. The age-old problem. It’s worsened by the fact that my wife had one of the hot dogs also, and didn’t have a bun with it.

Today I had a great idea for using those up. But first, I’d like to share a similar idea I tried a couple months ago: Grilled cheese sticks.

When I buy hot dog buns, I always go for the New England style that split on the top. Why? Because they can ostensibly sit flat. But it turns out the flat sides they have make them a perfect candidate for toasting. So the last time I was in this pickle, I decided to make grilled cheese sticks.

To make grilled cheese sticks, you take your New England style hot dog buns and butter each side. Take two pieces of American cheese per bun and break them each (by folding) into thirds, breaking the last third of each in half. Pry open the buns and layer in the strips of cheese. Then, cook them just like a grilled cheese sandwich; you may prefer tongs to a spatula, because these suckers are hard to flip.

When I made those, I made the mistake of using only one piece of cheese each, and I made four of them which was too filling. I think three is closer, proportionally, to two sandwiches made with regular white bread.

Now for breakfast sticks. I took two buns from the package and started by lightly toasting them, dry, in a frying pan. When they were ready I used a 3-cup Pyrex prep bowl, my go-to for scrambled eggs, and cracked in just one egg—one egg for two breakfast sticks—and put in a little splash of milk. After beating the egg I threw the bowl into the microwave for a short time, gave it a stir, threw it in a little longer and stirred again, and so on until they were done. The eggs came out super fluffy. Then finally, I took out one piece of cheese for each breakfast stick and broke them up into strips. Prying open the buns, I put cheese on either side, and spooned half of the egg mixture into between the cheese.

The only thing that would have made the breakfast sticks better would have been if I had some breakfast sausage links I could nuke up to throw in with them. But no matter; they were super tasty even with just egg and cheese, and they helped me use up some extra hot dog buns.

I’m guessing I could totally throw in some butter, mozzarella, garlic, and oregano and/or basil to make awesome garlic pizza sticks in the broiler. Maybe that’s a quick snack idea for a game day.

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