That’s the word of the day: bleckh.

Today was one of Those Days. You’ve had those days too, and if you haven’t you’re either lying to yourself or you’re unnaturally charmed.

It’s been raining on and off practically the entire day. Sometimes heavily, sometimes light, and sometimes with a reprieve. But the day was gray, dark gray, from start to finish and even now, in the dark, I can still feel the weight of it.

This morning I couldn’t get out of bed. I had plenty of sleep, but during the last few hours I dreamed about being underslept. I dreamed of waking up, groggy and fuzzy, in a slightly altered version of my previous bedroom before I got married, and reluctantly getting up while in a fog.

When it was time to get up for real, I couldn’t do it—not at first. (Now is a good time to mention I don’t use an alarm. I set my own schedule, which helps on a day like today.) The gray was so thick, so dark, that it could have easily been mistaken for the first stirrings of light well before dawn. It was the same oppressive darkness you sometimes get in deepest winter, and on top of that the bedroom was chilly because a few warm days recently forced us to switch back to the A/C and we haven’t turned the furnace on again yet. The weight of the dark and cold was palpable. In the end it took a great effort to sit up in bed.

I turned the light on, and still couldn’t fully wake up. Having gotten a full night’s rest, I felt utterly unrested. It took ages to kick my mind on and spur myself to move, to pick out clothes and then to put them on, and in that time I’m pretty sure I fell asleep twice. But in the end I managed to get moving and skulk about the house for a few minutes before manning my post. The house was dreary, still asleep itself, waiting for real sunshine that wasn’t going to come.

This would have been a good day for that chicken & egg ramen I like, but I had leftovers to eat and they took priority. That was still good, though. Lunch helped perk me up a little, and by the afternoon I was working at a good pace again and flying through a project that’s been bothering me for weeks. I’m not even sure how I managed to rally; the morning was a complete wreck.

But while I revived a little, the day never did. My wife went out to dinner with the in-laws, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave the house; and I’m glad I didn’t, because I got more work done. After dinner, though, I discovered that my plans to bake banana bread hit a bit of a snag, so that will have to wait; it would have been a good way to close out the day. Maybe I’ll make frosting this weekend instead, only I’ll have to buy some graham crackers.

The rain is still falling. And tomorrow is supposed to be exactly the same kind of day.


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