Pointless controversy: Thursday night football has to go

Question asked: Should the NFL consider ditching Thursday night football? Yes. Yes, they should.

As an occasional diversion from the regular schedule, Thursday games are fine. They’re a Thanksgiving tradition, and in the late season, sure, why not a Thursday game now and then? But every week?

The short week is brutal to players who are still coming back from the effort of a Sunday game, and they hate it. This alone is a reason not to do Thursday games every week. This is the same reason why moving to an 18-game schedule, proposed a few years ago, was such a bad idea. Football is already rough enough on players’ bodies without making it more difficult.

The way the Thursday night games fly from network to network is just confusing, and unreasonable. There’s no call for it. Pick a network and stick with it.

The “color rush” uniforms for Thursday night games are hideous. Gads that’s so stupid. Whoever had this rotten idea should be taken out behind the shed by Goodell himself and shot. And needless to say if it was Goodell’s idea, he should shoot himself twice. Not fatally, but someone at least deserves a serious limp for it.

As a viewer, I hate the Thursday games. It’s hard to commit to watching something in that time slot on a weeknight. I hate the Monday games and the Sunday night games for the exact same reason (among others). Dudes, of course your ratings are going to be lower for night games. It’s not like the frickin’ Superbowl where people plan their whole year around it, and besides, the Superbowl airs earlier than a typical night game. After 8:00 is too late.

The Thursday night games need to go. Not entirely, but mostly. Have a few now and then as a special thing, and be done with it.

Now about London: Screw it. No more London games. It’s not that I begrudge our friends across the pond a taste of actual real football, but the travel and jet leg are murder on the teams. The time difference means fans on the east coast have to tune in in the morning, and fans on the west coast have to get up even earlier. It’s just not workable! At least these games are uncommon; there’s apparently been some talk about adding teams to the league in the UK, which would magnify this problem a thousand times.

Let’s be done with Monday night football. On ABC it was understandable; on ESPN it’s a joke. I know they’re under the same umbrella, but that umbrella is shoddy and full of holes. ESPN stopped being a decent sports network a couple decades ago, and the network deserves to die in a ditch. I hate watching anything at all on ESPN. The network is too political, commercial to the point of chopping up coverage of everything they show, and not even good at commentary anymore. People are supposed to stay up late for a dose of inferior broadcasting?

Sunday night football needs to go too. NBC is bad with sports, the opening song every week is a cringefest, and after a day of games it doesn’t make a ton of sense to throw in one more. Fatigue sets in. Sunday nights I just want to relax, pointedly not watch crap like 60 Minutes, and dread the coming Monday.

These night games feel like a chore, not a joy. They take the fun out of watching football for me, and Thursdays in particular are hated by the players. Why put them through that? It’s not helping anyone, not even the NFL’s faltering bottom line. Get rid of it already, except for a one-off game here and there and Thanksgiving. And while you’re at it, London, Monday nights, Sunday nights, and the New England Patriots too. That last one is for me—and justice.

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