The new year in flux

I haven’t posted in a while, and rather than let it slide any further I felt an update was in order. A number of things are going on right now, so I’ll try to organize this as best I can.

First: About a month ago, I finally got my new computer. And I love it, mostly. I switched back from Pale Moon to Firefox, but added a whole boatload of extensions to undo the damage done by Mozilla’s stupid UX team, and that means I have a modern browsing experience again—and YouTube performs well. Even Facebook video, which is horrid, performs well. I’m still very much in the process of re-adding programs, but I had to prioritize work stuff first. And to be honest the chaos has thrown me way off my pace, but I’m finally getting used to the system.

I have a love-hate relationship with Windows 10. (Keep in mind, I came from Windows XP which was darn near perfect where its interface was concerned. Settings were easier to find, it gave me choices about things I should always have choices about, and the Start menu made sense.) Some of its issues I was able to fix with programs or some registry research. I have to fix some more of them, like the fact that since Windows 7 they’ve had auto-arrange on by default in all folder views and you can’t turn it off. This is a usability nightmare, so it’s something I need to fix soon; I’ve read there are some options for doing that, though they involve restarting the shell and I’m too lazy to do that just yet. The system sleeps when I’m not using it for a while, but annoyingly it also hibernates overnight—which it explicitly isn’t supposed to do, and of course the problem is Google-proof. Hibernation is way more annoying than sleeping because it takes longer to start up.

Below is still coming out soon. I got my proof copy just before Christmas, but I discovered a flaw (of my own doing): on right-side pages that start a new chapter, the page number is on the inside instead of the outside. Whoops. I need to generate a new PDF and get that uploaded, but I keep forgetting and putting it off. When I do that, I think I’ll skip another proof because I want to send the cover artist a copy anyway. But I need to get moving again on that. Writing has been totally on hold otherwise. I don’t have Word on the new system, and don’t plan to replace it; instead I think I’ll just switch over to using OpenOffice, period. Call me petty, but I hate Microsoft’s ribbon interface; it’s a deal-breaker, and so is the price of Microsoft Office. Good gads the price.

I did make my favorite cube steak sandwich over the Christmas break, but I did not make any fancy melty cheese slices like I was planning, or an interesting custom cheese blend either. I still want to do so. Chex mix I did make, and it was decent, but it could have been a lot better. Next time I’m mixing in a way bigger bowl, and I’m using more Worcestershire sauce than the recipe calls for and way more salt.

At the moment, and I confess this is one of the things that made me want to post tonight, I’m kind of in Bad Idea Mode again. I’ve posted before about steak-flavored potato chips, and my search for the perfect steak-flavored seasoning for chips or popcorn. My last effort produced a passable seasoning for chips, but popcorn is a tricky beast. Yet I’m thinking I want to try again with chips, and that this time I want to try with some beef bouillon to give it actual beef flavor. So I’ve been pondering: use a decent amount of granulated bouillon, cut back a smidge on the salt and the MSG (but still use some of each), eliminate onion powder entirely because you can’t get bouillon without onion in it anyway, and still include the smoked salt, pepper, and garlic. Grinding that fine should, I think, produce a mighty nice steaky flavor. But I think it’s going to take several experiments to get it right.

Speaking of bad ideas: I bought teriyaki Spam the other day because I’d never seen it before, and I do like Spam on occasion. I haven’t tried it yet, but the reviews say it makes a better stir-fry than fried slices, so I think I’m gonna make up some nice fried rice soon. I have some leftover pilaf, which I love to mix with a little butter, soy sauce, and egg; why not throw some teriyaki Spam in the mix? I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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