Tragic pause

I’ve been meaning to put up a new post recently, but life intervened in a pretty nasty way last week and I haven’t recovered yet. I feel like before I post about anything regarding food, or my spring madness which is starting to get bad, or anything else, I need to make a proper tribute post—and I don’t have the heart yet to do that.

To put it in brief, we lost one of our cats a week ago. She was going downhill but we didn’t think the day was coming that soon and we still thought, right up until the day, that there was a chance of pulling her out of it. She was extremely special to both of us, and to be honest this is the most I can say about it right now, even a week later, without breaking down.

A lot of people might have trouble grasping the severity of this. Although my wife and I don’t have children, it’s not like we equate an animal’s life with a person’s; it has to be a million times harder to lose a child. But for us this was the closest thing. This isn’t the first cat we’ve lost together, but this particular loss was one of the hardest to bear, all the more so because it came so suddenly.

So there are other posts coming. But for now they have to wait, because I know what has to come next and I’m still not strong enough to write it. I’m really not sure when I will be.

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