Release day is coming

This is not a cooking post after all.

Since my last post I’ve gotten further along in the release process for Below, and this is a brief update. My goal was to do an instafree promo, where the book would be free for the first few days starting with the launch. However, I found out a little too late in the process that you can’t actually do that; Kindle Direct Publishing won’t let you do a free promo until a day after the book has been released. Apparently instafree isn’t really a thing; the people who do it fake it by soft-releasing a day early, and then going with the free promo. So that’s what I’ll be doing.

On top of that, further research has shown that Friday and Saturday are not wonderful days for promos to begin with. The book is slated for release Friday. I currently still have the option of moving that up to Thursday, but now I’m questioning (and I have only a short time left to decide) if I want to push it back to at least Saturday, or just leave it as-is. Either way, I don’t plan to start the free promo until Sunday.

The info I’m getting suggests that Amazon has its biggest traffic on Sunday and Monday, with Tuesday also being a great day for promos because of trad-pub releases. As a result of that, my new plan is to run a promo from Sunday through Thursday next week.

So as it stands now, it looks like the book will be up for two days prior to the promo unless I shorten it to one. The reason I might not is to give me time to get the paperback up on CreateSpace, which I intend to do once the Kindle release is live, and hopefully Amazon will link them together properly before Sunday.

Below is available for pre-order now, but if you want to wait till it’s free I won’t be offended. If you like it, please leave a nice review. The paperback won’t be free of course, but I did set things up so that, in theory and once Amazon and Createspace link their info together, anyone who buys the paperback should be able to get the Kindle edition for free. I do highly recommend the paperback, because the cover art came out terrific (thanks, Lorena!).

So here’s the schedule:

May 19: Kindle edition released (full price), and paperback released.
May 21-25: Kindle edition available for free!

Somewhere in there, I’m going to get the second edition of the Affix up for the Kindle, and in the meantime I’ll be getting its CreateSpace paperback ready. I’m really pleased with the interior formatting for the Affix, so I’ll be thrilled to have a proof copy of that in my hands.

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