Memorial Day weekend 2017

Following the release and promo last week, I had a family commitment: a weekend trip to my late uncle’s property near Columbus, for a family reunion/memorial. It was a good time, getting to see lots of cousins again—including some I rarely get to see—and getting to know their families better. My wife had to stay home, and so did my sister’s husband, so the road trip there and back was a lot like old family vacations but with a lot less bickering.

My uncle, who passed away back on Halloween after battling cancer on and off a dozen times for the past 20 years or so, would have appreciated that we all had a get-together in his honor, because he loved big family gatherings like that. We hadn’t really all been together since we last went there in 2010, although at that time my wife and my brother-in-law were both able to make it, and so was one of my cousins who couldn’t be there this time (but his wife and kids made the trip, and boy did nobody envy her the task of rounding them all up) because he’s currently deployed.

Over the weekend of course I obsessively checked Amazon for figures to see how Below was doing, and to see if a review had popped up yet. After the free promo there were a couple of sales here and there, but nothing spectacular, although borrows started shooting up because the book is also enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. The most interesting stuff with the book happened after the weekend.

Last Wednesday, another author on Kboards shared a very interesting link about fonts, and I thought it’d be a great link to share with my favorite blog Dubious Quality. The owner of that blog likes to post all kinds of interesting reader-submitted links on Fridays. Since the free promo was going on, and I know he’s into gaming including stuff like Dwarf Fortress (which is actually how I discovered his blog in the first place), I thought he’d appreciate the book too, so I told him it was going to be free for another day because hey, free book.

I came home from the trip on Sunday, and then Memorial Day rolled around. Oddly I noticed a spike in sales. Later in the day I went to check up on my usual links to see what was going on in the world, and I found that Dubious Quality had an article about my book. And it said wonderful things. Sleep did not come easy that night, because I was far too excited about the fact that someone had nice things to say about my book.

Last night the first Amazon review came in. It said some nice things as well, so I’m pretty happy with that too.

So that’s been my past week in brief. Preparing for trip, long car ride, watching Amazon, lots of family, long car ride, watching Amazon, first reviews. I’m still trying to get back into a normal rhythm, but it’s very difficult. Yesterday we had to cut the day short for a birthday celebration, and this morning I had to drop off Jack at the vet for a dental cleaning and as a result I’m punchy and find it impossible to focus on my real work which requires concentration and intelligence. Heck, I think I’ve had two decent nights’ sleep this entire past week. (Much as I didn’t mind having a king bed to myself in the hotel for two nights, gads that was a firm mattress.)

I feel like very soon I should do a cooking post, because my uncle loved those. Any time I posted on Facebook about things I had made, or was planning to make while in Bad Idea Mode, he had enthusiastically supportive things to say. Understand that this side of the family is Italian, and my uncle carried on the tradition of frequently making sausage with our family recipe, so cooking was never far from his heart, either. It seems only fitting to keep up those posts.


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