Things I learned recently (issue 1)

Chick-fil-A is freaking awesome. I never tried them before last Friday when riding with my family on the way to Ohio. We stopped in Erie, PA. I only had a few chicken tenders, not even a sandwich or anything like that, and those suckers were so wonderful my mouth still waters at the thought. Supposedly they’re building one soon right near me. I can’t wait. But I’ll have to.

People like my book! More specifically, Below. The reviews are finally trickling in faster, and so far they’re great. I’m not selling in huge numbers or anything, but getting some decent page read counts via Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program. Good enough!

If you go to Longhorn Steakhouse, order the Parmesan crust on your steak. Romano pairs quite well with steak too.

Sometimes nature is determined to piss you off. This is the first time in probably thirty years I haven’t done a Zoo Day. It’s June now. It’s too late. And even this June isn’t very Juney yet. I had to turn the furnace back on the other night. Good gads!

Pressing 0 on a robocall may put you in a queue to talk to a person, but most likely it’ll probably just leave you on hold for a few minutes and then hang up, totally wasting your time and ruining any opportunity to verbally abuse and/or threaten the subhuman sharts manning those phones. But it’s still worth trying, because maybe making one of them crap themselves has an outside shot of getting your number off their list. Also, I hate them.

KFC is really dropping the ball on their chicken tenders lately: way too skinny, not juicy enough, not as good a value for the money as they used to be. How am I supposed to share them with the furry vultures?

Tyra Banks is not as fun as Nick Cannon.

It’s a dirty shame Black Books ended after three seasons.

Team Fun was robbed. Stupid shrimp trap roadblock.

The only thing more satisfying than murdering your enemies is pissing on their corpses. I’m actually talking about bugs, but I’m thinking of making that statement into a meme for social media. Yes they were in the toilet first.

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