Josh was wrong (or, how not to make waffles)

I had leftover steak from the weekend. Instead of grilling on the 4th like a true patriot, I made waffles so I could have waffle tacos. (Okay, I actually did grill that evening. But it was just hot dogs, so I don’t think that counts.)

I looked around for some ideas on how to make waffles even better—not that I ever had any complaints about the standard Bisquick waffle, but I thought there was room for more awesomeness. A few months ago I found out that adding 2 tbsp. of lemon juice and 2 tsp. of baking powder to the default Bisquick pancake recipe was worth it, so it stood to reason that the waffles could be improved.

Thus I found a post on a blog called Josh Loves It, where Josh shared his secret to the awesomest Bisquick waffles ever: up the milk to 2 cups instead of 1⅓. (I always use 1½ already.) And that’s it. So I thought: Cool, I’ll try it!

Gads did that not work.

Maybe Josh’s variation works in a Belgian waffle maker like the one he was using, especially as his is a flip model the batter would have been able to coat both sides very easily. But in my non-Belgian waffle maker, because Belgian waffles are nowhere near as good as regular waffles and I will fight you on that, the batter never rose far enough to reach the top plate very well. The result was that the waffles were a little too thin, instead of being fluffier. They worked fine for their intended purpose and they still taste good, but I’m disappointed in their thickness for sure.

Now I’m not at all unhappy with the standard recipe, or at least the minor variation I use which is a much less drastic increase in the amount of milk. But I think if I’m going to use 2 cups of milk in the future, I’ll have to make the same modifications I did for the pancake recipe: 2 tbsp. of lemon juice to simulate using buttermilk, and 2 tsp. of baking powder to add much-needed lift. If I try that I’ll be sure to post the results here.

Now go buy Below. It’s better than Josh’s waffles.

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