The story so far

Holy crap this month has been flying by. I meant to do an update post sooner than this.

The big life stuff going on: My wife is back to being pain-free now that the kidney stone is well behind her. I had some good low-key birthday celebrations this past weekend. I found out a massive inconvenience is going to throw next week all out of whack. And now of course Thanksgiving is coming down on us like a freight train. Yipe!

I’ve found time to write. NaNoWriMo has been proceeding very well for me word-wise, but I’m behind the pace on story. This is a problem. I think this book will, when all is said and done after editing, end up around a similar length to The Affix. But first I need to get to the end, and I’m at, oh, about 60% maybe. My word count is going great though.

The new book is going to be called The Well of Moments. Like its predecessor, it’s named for the MacGuffin. Here’s the brief proto-blurb I’ve got going for it on the NaNoWriMo site:

Three years after The Affix, freelancer Jasmine Treager is thrown back into the world of spooky artifacts and the crackpots who love them. A horde of collectors, dealers, and others with their own agendas descends on a hipster college town in western New York for a weekend of mayhem, all thanks to an unassuming stone jar with an inside slightly too deep for three dimensions.

So far I’ve re-introduced a pretty fair number of characters and brought in new ones. Lexi has made an appearance. Another few familiar faces have expanded roles in this book. And Toshiro, the gratuitous ninja who was humiliated the last time around, gets some of his own back this time. New villains have made the cut, including the militaryesque Maxwell, Ralf “Budget Arnold” Klausen, a trio of dangerous artifact hunters known as the Basemen, the Mad Scot (he’s very new, hasn’t come in yet), an assassin with family ties to the first book and a particular distrust of Jasmine, and some new ruthless collectors.

Shots have been fired, explosions detonated, and the new artifact has already done some freaky paranormal crap that’s about to get worse.

But I’m behind, and I have to write write write to get the story proper finished in time. And I have to do some better planning out as I get closer to that point. I have a bunch of loose scene ideas I want to do, and need to figure out an intelligent order to put them in. Some storyboarding in the very very near future probably would be a good idea.

But tomorrow morning, the annual parade live blog begins! Be there at 9 AM EST for some snark. And if you haven’t made your pumpkin bread yet, get to it!


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2 Responses to The story so far

  1. jefftanyard says:

    Hey, Lummox. Just wanted to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. Tell your wife I’m sorry she had a kidney stone. My aunt gets those all the time, and I know they’re horrible.

    Good luck with The Well of Moments. It sounds cool.

    Enjoy the pumpkin bread. :D

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