Sequel cover reveal

My new cover is ready!

Well, it’s ready except for figuring out the spine and adding the back cover text. I have the image setup with sufficient spine width and bleed, but it can’t be finalized until the text is finalized, and that won’t happen until after my beta readers get back to me. But right now I have the cover components basically all in place, I have a blurb ready to go, and so it’s just down to editing and formatting at this point—and most of the formatting is done, except for some final typography concerns that will be done via a macro at the very last minute.

With the cover ready I’ve gone ahead and added it to my sidebar, and added a book page for it that you can read in the menu above. The Well of Moments is the second book in what is now the Paranormal Curio series, which began with The Affix. Fans of the first book will be pleased to see a number of familiar faces, and even some familiar artifacts. This story continues the frenetic format from the first book by introducing new villains and even more new artifacts that might come into play in a future book—although not quite as many villains as the first book, because that was a lot. Once again we’re bending genres, making this another low/urban/contemporary sci-fantasy paranormal semi-thriller.

I’m already juggling some ideas for a third book in the series, that I’d like to tackle in November.

My plan for this currently is to temporarily make The Affix free when the sequel launches, and likely start the sequel off at a discount.

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