Pointless controversy: Mr. Brightside isn’t the best Killers song

Another meme from my meme-happy cousin today listed a bunch of songs that “white people” seem to always jam to. Lots of good entries were in that list, and some really questionable ones too even though they were all well-known songs, but one in particular got my goat: That’s Mr. Brightside by the Killers.

Look, let’s settle this once and for all. Mr. Brightside isn’t a very good song. It’s hard to sing along to. It isn’t nearly as fun as it should be. It’s whiny. You know what’s a much better, million times better song by the very same band? Somebody Told Me.

Somebody Told Me has intensity. It has flow. It has awesome percussion. The lyrics are more fun. When you sing to it you get to try to modulate a half-scream at the end. You can’t hear that song and not jam to it. (Disclosure: I am a “white people”.)

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