Today I learned khachapuri is a thing

I just saw a video that’s basically food porn for a number of cheese dishes. One of them I’d heard of before: raclette. I adore the concept of raclette but I hate Swiss cheese, so I’m torn on that one. But there was another dish I hadn’t heard of, called khachapuri.

Khachapuri is a Georgian dish—supposedly even more popular there than pizza—that’s basically a bread bowl filled with a gooey mix of cheeses and a slightly runny egg.

I am so in.

The question now is, when will Bad Idea Mode get bad enough that I feel emboldened to try making it? Follow-up questions:

Since I’m pretty sure I won’t like feta, should I just wing it with my own mix of cheeses? And if so will it veer towards cheddar or in an open-face calzone kind of direction?

Should I just admit to myself I want to pretzelfy it, and do so?

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