Pointless controversy: In defense of daylight

We’ve all seen the Facebook memes about how daylight savings time just stole an hour of our lives, how it’s antiquated and needs to go away, etc., etc. And I get it: the switch to daylight time is freaking rough. I’ve always, always had trouble with it when it comes around, and this year is no exception. It’s about 12:30 now and I’m wishing I were back in bed, except for the promise of lunch.

Here’s the thing, though. For me, the pain of this transition is worth it.

I like that the sun is up later in the spring and summer. I like that right around peak summertime, it sets around 9:00. The afternoons feel stronger and better, and the nights are livelier. And if you’re not up before the sun, the extra daylight that would happen then is wasted on you, so why not shift it forward and enjoy it longer?

Yes it’s basically nothing more than an intentional mass delusion. But as delusions go, I think it’s a good one. That extra bit of daytime shifted into my own schedule is lovely, and it completely beats the alternative way to achieve the same thing: everyone setting their schedules an hour earlier for half the year but not changing the clocks.

As I just saw someone else put it in response to one of those memes: Funny how we don’t complain about this when we gain the hour back in fall. If we complain about anything it’s that the short days feel suddenly so much shorter, although to be honest I think in the fall that’s kind of wonderful too. When we go back to standard time it’s like a signal to start hibernation, and the borrowed hour being repaid is a comfy nudge in that direction.

Yep, I’m dragging today. I’ll probably be dragging all week. But I’m glad we have daylight savings, because it means in June I can appreciate the sun so much better. And grill outside for dinner, too, if I want.

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