The vernal equinox is a lie

The first day of spring is pretty much always a sick joke here in Syracuse. Today it’s in the mid-20s and we hope to cross just past freezing for today’s high.

I think the last time we had a truly nice first day of spring was in 2000, when for a week we had 80-degree weather after a very bitter cold winter, although that was followed by a crapload of rain for like two months so it wasn’t much of a spring after that. And I actually can’t remember if that nice patch came around the first day of spring or not. Mainly what I remember is that at the sorority house across the street from where I worked at the time, girls were hanging out on the front lawn.

Wait, where was I?

I don’t know what to expect of spring this year, but I’m hoping we at least get one. Last year we didn’t have spring at all, and I say that without hesitation because for the first time in more than twenty years, I didn’t have a zoo day. If the weather ever got nice, in April or in May, it was on a weekend, a Monday which doesn’t work, or as a complete overnight surprise. And then it went right back to lousy.

I don’t know what’ll happen yet, but we’re expected to get a few more nasty snow storms before the month is out, so I don’t see a zoo day being likely in early April at least. As it is if we get a lot more snow, I have no idea where it can go. My car is cleaned off but there’s a low wall around it.

With the way my mind works, now I’m wondering if there are ways to rapidly melt half a driveway’s worth of snow. Maybe thermite. Time to do a weird and suspicious Google search.

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