The tale of the one-legged programmer

Did you know it’s possible to sprain your foot in your sleep? It happens most often when you have several layers of heavy covers, and sleep with your foot in a bad position for too long.

I’ve done it more than once. It’s rare because I usually don’t stay in one position all night. When this happens I wake up with a foot that’s sore and doesn’t want me putting a lot of weight on it, but it usually improves throughout the course of the day and the next day it’s fine. So when it happened to me last Monday, which is to say nearly two weeks ago, I expected it to go away.

Problem is, this time it didn’t. It was mostly manageable Monday, but that night it was throbbing and in a lot more pain than usual. Tuesday when I woke up it was much worse, and it kept getting worse throughout the day. To make matters worse, I work upstairs, and so that Tuesday I tried a couple of times to go upstairs and get some work done. In between, I used some ice on my foot—which actually felt good—to try to improve things. I used a cane to get around, just to help a little, but it didn’t help enough. And to make matters worse, I had to leave the house for a bit to pick up my car from the shop after it got inspected. My foot was in agony all night, feeling like it was not only swollen but cramping.

The next day, Wednesday, started badly. I had to get up in the night a few times to use the bathroom, the last of which was right after my wife left for work; and when I came back to bed, I couldn’t sleep again. Only after about two hours was I able to get back to sleep, and only then did I wake up with the foot feeling passable. To be safe I stayed downstairs all day and all night.

Since then it’s been making gradual improvements, but only in the last couple of days have I not needed the cane at all, and even so I’m still being careful with it.

There’s a moral to this story, and it’s this: When you sprain your foot in your sleep, keep on top of it the next day and be absolutely sure you do nothing to make it worse. And if it’s hurting more the day after that, drop everything and leave it up to heal.


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