No it’s not summer, Traci

One of the local car dealerships has a commercial that opens like this: “It’s summertime. The livin’ is easy, and so are the deals!”

Who wrote that ad? They should be hit with a brick.

It’s not summertime. It’s not even close to that. After Memorial Day, fine, I’ll go along with saying it’s summer. But in the middle of April? It’s never even spring in Syracuse in the middle of April.

It snowed today, Traci. Snowed. Again. Some of it actually stuck. We’re well into the latter half of April. The weather hasn’t even thought about turning nice, not even for one day. When someone told you to say that line you should have hopped into one of those brand new cars and run them over.

No seriously, I want to hit the copy writer with a brick. And so does every other person in the viewing area.

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