Infirm on a sunny day

I have been healthy exactly two days this year: January 1-2. Since then it’s been an absolute train wreck. I came down with a cold I picked up New Year’s Eve, that left me with a nasty cough. That developed into this weird hypersalivation issue where I get short of breath at the same time, and we still haven’t figured out why (although I have at least been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia). Right after that started, my wife got the flu and I started catching it too, although fortunately a preventative round of Tamiflu kicked it right in the teeth. Since then I’ve been dealing with the salivation/breathing thing, and then around the end of March I sprained my foot.

My foot has been slowly getting better, but every so often it has a bit of a relapse. This Saturday night it was being a little troublesome, and then early Sunday morning my foot was back in agony; as far as I can tell it was being set off by a leg cramp. Only sitting on the couch, which helps the leg cramps, made everything calm down. Since then I’ve been taking it easy again, because it feels like I backslid by about a week.

The biggest reason that sucks is that today, we have our first halfway nice day of spring. Big Dip has been open for three weeks, and it’s been too disgusting out to make an ice cream run. Now it’s beautiful out, or at least beautiful enough, and while the thought of being out in a nice day makes me giddy the prospect of standing in line and potentially doing my foot further harm does not. For this same reason I also didn’t make a lunch run, even though I very much wanted to.

This sucks.

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