The sequel is boarding!

At last I have the rest of the beta notes I was waiting on for The Well of Moments, and I’ve incorporated the appropriate changes along the way. Moreover, I’ve worked out the kinks of the hyphenation and microspacing algorithm I was trying to do, so I can get a better presentation with this paperback. All that means I can get the ball rolling on the actual release!

My to-do list looks like this:

  • Finish up the afterword.
  • Include the microspacing in the main convert-to-good-typography macro. (There is currently no remove-microspacing/hyphenation option.)
  • Update the ligature macro to skip any spot where extra space has been added between letters.
  • Export the full text to HTML and make the appropriate changes for that format.
  • Build a new EPUB in Sigil from the HTML (and document so I can make the process quicker next time).
  • Run the master typography macro on the main document, export to PDF, and do not save changes.
  • Determine spine width from number of pages and finalize cover.
  • Craete new entry on Amazon KDP and upload the EPUB.
  • Create PDF file from cover graphic because stupid CreateSpace can’t take a PNG like a grown-up.
  • Upload to CreateSpace and wait for proof copy.
  • Approve proof and order author copies.
  • Set pricing for Kindle and paperback editions and go live (soft launch).
  • Create Goodreads pages from the Kindle and paperback editions.
  • Schedule free promo for The Affix for proper launch.
  • Tell Litsy and Reddit about the free promo and launch.

It’s not as bad as it sounds. The main hiccup is going to be waiting for CreateSpace to send me a proof, so I need to jump on this stuff soon. It’s too soon to release this coming weekend and next weekend is Mother’s Day, so currently I’m aiming for May 20 for the hard launch. (Sundays are apparently very good, Friday and Saturday not so much.) We’ll see how that goes.

I’m really proud of this book. It carries on the funny, off-kilter weirdness that started in The Affix, but in a different way that properly feels like a different character’s story. The cast of villains is appropriately diverse in both personality and degree of oddity. The good guys are more of an active set than in the first book, more involved in trying to shape events. There’s also an emotional depth within that I hadn’t anticipated when I started writing it. And Jasmine was so much fun to write, far more so than the first book where she played only a supporting role.

This is gonna be fun.

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