Schedule blown already?

Well that was quick. CreateSpace just finished file review so I could order a proof copy of my new book, but with standard shipping it won’t be here till next Monday. No, not this coming Monday, but the one after that—six days before I had hoped to release. I could have expedited that to Wednesday but for $8 I wasn’t willing to spend.

I know the 14th is six days ahead of my release and in theory that’s plenty of time, but for one thing: As soon as I approve the proof, I want to order author copies, and I want to get them here before the release. There’s a reason. So I’d rather hope my proof gets here early and then expedite the author copies if need be, than expedite the proof and maybe end up having to do the same for the copies.

Sure, it’s only 8 bucks, but still. I don’t have anything in particular invested in my May 20 target beyond the fact that I’d rather not do a release Memorial Day weekend like I did last year. Oh sure, that went well, but I think a non-holiday is a much better time. This release will not have any paid advertising to boost the free promo for The Affix that’s going on at the same time, so since I don’t have anything officially scheduled, I’m not going to sweat it if my timetable has to change.

I mean sure, I don’t like it, but it’s livable. And as I recall CreateSpace tends to use the worst-case scenario for their estimated deliveries anyway. I’m pretty sure I’ve always gotten my proof orders earlier than they said I would.

So with that, this is what’s left on my to-do list:

  • Approve proof and order author copies.
  • Register copyright
  • Set pricing for Kindle and paperback editions and go live (soft launch).
  • Create Goodreads pages from the Kindle and paperback editions.
  • Schedule free promo for The Affix for proper launch.
  • Tell Litsy and Reddit about the free promo and launch.

Forgot to put the copyright registry on my list in the last post. It’s a formality, but I don’t mind it.

I can’t wait to see my proof copy. I looked over the digital proof already of course, but it’s a PDF so it’s really no different from the PDF I sent them.

The microspacing looks like it worked well. I saw a couple of lines where it was evident, where it might have made do with hyphenating the next word except that I was very strict about hyphens: they’re only allowed after four letters instead of three. But not bad! It looks professionally typeset. And I still love my scene break macro that knows to use a blank line when it happens in the middle of a page, but use asterisks at the end of a page, and also change the preceding paragraph to pull a few lines down if the scene break would have happened at the top of a page.

At this point I’m also waiting on a couple of things besides the proof, although they don’t impact my schedule at all. CreateSpace has yet to get back to me on my request to set the series info for The Affix, which wasn’t part of a series when I finally created the paperback edition last year (but you can’t change it, which is stupid), and I’m trying to get Litsy to change their listing for the same book where they forgot “The” along with all the paragraph breaks in the blurb.

But bumps in the road aside, it’s getting closer!


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