Summertime slump

I very much did not plan to go on blog hiatus for two months. So what happened?

The short answer is things got busy and in down time I didn’t feel like I had a lot to say. Work-wise things ramped up unexpectedly on me with a series of semi-disasters, where I ended up playing bug whack-a-mole. The heat wave that hit at the end of June and early July did not help anything, and threw me off my game in every way. During all this time, we’ve also been dealing with a sick cat.

Hobbes is doing well now, but a couple months ago that wasn’t the case. He had been steadily losing weight for months and months, even when eating two wet food treats a day. This started when he was having “litterbox problems” (I’ll spare you the gory details) that indicated he wasn’t necessarily absorbing all the nutrients he needed, so we tried a bunch of things to help with that. He had been on prednisone for a while, so we withdrew that and nothing changed. Recently we put him back on it, which helped a smidge, but what really turned the corner was when my wife remembered how well the cats have always responded to baby food. Meat flavors, obviously.

Actually it was mostly always Hobbes and Mouse who loved baby food the best, but Mouse is no longer with us, which is one reason baby food was forgotten. My wife decided to offer some to the cats this time, and Hobbes went nuts for it—while Jack and Puff basically ignore it, in spite of Puff’s love of chicken. So we started giving Hobbes a jar of baby food, usually chicken since that’s his favorite but sometimes ham or turkey, twice a day. We call it his “snack”, and it basically falls to me to do this since I can give it to him around noon and midnight; my wife handles the wet food treat in the morning and before we eat dinner. The snack has been doing wonders, to the point where he started to gain a little weight and at his last vet visit he was back up to nearly 10 lbs. again.

So Hobbes is basically out of the woods, even though he now pesters me incessantly before snack time. Not all that long ago we were seriously worried he was on his way out. He’s 15 after all.

I haven’t done any adventurous cooking projects recently. Some of that was the heat. When it wasn’t a million degrees or raining or both, I did get a little grilling done from time to time.

On books I’m still in a dilemma about what happens next as far as release schedules, but we’re into August now and I have to start thinking ahead to November. I’ve committed myself already to do NaNoWriMo again this year, to keep the Paranormal Curio series going, and that means I need to get more ideas together for the next book. I really want the third book to have a bit of mystery flair, which involves a little more planning than I normally put in.

Also in the middle of all that’s been going on, a surprise opportunity opened up for my wife and me and we’re moving on that. It’s going to dominate our attention for some time to come I think, but hopefully will all work out for the better.

Overall I’m trying to get myself back on track on everything. This summer has been nuts.

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