Wing season

Preseason football is finally here!

Boy, that snuck up on me. We’re less than two weeks from the opening of the Fair now, and that means summer is on its way out. Sheesh. This summer has raced by.

I’m at a phase right now where I’m really torn, because I’m not ready for summer to be over and I’m nowhere near a fall mood, but I’m incredibly stoked for the Fair and the return of football.

I came close to deciding to make teriyaki chicken wings for dinner tonight and watch the first preseason game, but instead I opted to wait. First of all, it was kind of a last-minute thing. Second, work has been crazy enough I thought it was unlikely I’d be able to get it all together for an evening meal. Third, wings are so much more special on opening day, and by that point the Fair will be over and I’ll be sad, so wings are a nice way to deal with that. (I know, I could do wings now and later, but I chose to wait.) As it happens I decided tonight I’d rather watch TV with my wife anyway, so I’m watching the game right now from a recording.

But the approach of wing season has me thinking ahead to fall meals a little bit, and also I’m thinking of all the stuff I’ll do at the Fair. This is a good time for food.

On a related subject, our venerable old microwave may finally be dying. My wife has reported that a couple of times it turned on when she closed the door. But that hasn’t happened since, so we’re wondering if we should replace it or stick it out. Currently we leave it unplugged when it’s not in use, which is kind of a pain but it’s a good idea for safety. This microwave has served us well. I’m a little afraid of going to a full 1100 watts because 1) I don’t know if that’ll give our wiring any grief, and 2) I’m so used to cooking with this little 700-watt model I’ll have to re-learn everything. On the plus side though, I can try to look for microwaves with cool new features and that might be worthwhile.

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