I might be a bad person: Doll in the Hall, escalated

So my sister posted on Facebook about a creepy October version of that stupid Elf on the Shelf crap called “Doll in the Hall”. The idea is you take a creepy doll that already seems haunted and move it around the house each night. If the kids throw it out, you put it in bed with them.

My first thought was: How could I make this worse? Then I thought of some ways.

  • Leave the doll in place; change its clothes.
  • Leave everything else the same, but different doll.
  • Keep identical backups if one gets destroyed.
  • Deploy a remote-activated sound box, hidden near the doll’s location.
  • Suddenly: two dolls.
  • Pose the dolls like they’re plotting something over the course of several nights. It should look like they’re playing regular games, almost, with something a bit “off” like scissors sitting on a Monopoly board or Jenga tiles arranged like a pyre.
  • Then go back to normal but with a secondary doll, leaving the primary’s whereabouts a mystery.
  • Set up a fake phone contact and have someone send a message from the first doll. (Doll in the Call!) The message should be totally innocuous.
  • Now no dolls, for several nights.
  • Multiple dolls, all staring at the bed from different places around the room.

This would actually be funnier if you did it to an adult.

About Lummox JR

Aspiring to be a beloved supervillain
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