Back on the NaNoWriMo bus

It’s November, and that means NaNoWriMo is underway again. True to my word I’ve taken up the baton and I’m having at it for a third time, with the third installment in the Paranormal Curio series: The Pembroke Engine.

So far I’m still at a place in the book where things are warming up, and a huge “holy crap!” moment hasn’t come up except for the opening scene, but I’m working on getting there. Trying to get villains introduced as quickly as I can, but it’s a tough job.

I started late night Halloween, after midnight, and did a pretty impressive amount of work that night to get started—but I realized the very next day I had started off all wrong, with a scene that was much too dull to kick off the book, and what I really needed was to start with the scene I’d envisioned many months ago that would set the real WTF hook for this book. I didn’t scrap what I wrote, not entirely, but saved it until I could reincorporate the good parts later. That’s slowed me down a little but it was worth it.

Also I found out I couldn’t set the book in Vermont, because it turns out nobody lives there. I mean it’s not Wyoming, but I decided to move the action to Connecticut where a fictional city of the right size would be more plausible.

This is the opening line:

Until a dead man interrupted breakfast, Seth thought this getaway was going to be pleasantly uneventful.

That’s right, I have yet another protagonist for this third book, who was a side character in the last two. Technically it’s two protagonists, since the Gable twins are a matched set, but I’m sticking with Seth as the viewpoint character.

Trying to keep the humor upbeat, I’ve already gotten in some fun scenes even in the opening chapters, and I want to give Seth and Ian a lot of good solid geeky banter. So far this includes a brief discussion on why the weirdest thing they’ve seen so far definitely cannot be explained by a parallel universe, and I had fun with that because I got to reuse an idea I had on that subject years ago. (Basically, the events of The Well of Moments proved one thing true that is completely incompatible with the idea of universes diverging due to random events.)

The Mad Scot is in place, criminally under-utilized in the last book (my bad) but ready to liven up the action in this one. I knew I’d have to bring him back; he came in so late last time, all he really got was a nice hook to set him up for a bigger role this time around.

I have not yet dealt with the development at the end of the previous book. I’m still working out what to do with it exactly but whatever it is, it’ll be a surprise. To me too, apparently.

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