The aftershock

It’s been a week and a half now since my dentist appointment, and there’s good and bad. The good news is I did not have a root canal. The bad news is, that’s because when the dentist started clearing away cavity material, there wasn’t enough of the tooth salvageable after all. He could have gone forward with the plan as-is to place a new cap, but it wouldn’t have lasted more than a few years and I’d end up right back in the chair.

So plan A went to plan B: extract the tooth and try to do an implant that same day, if possible, which would mean waiting 3 months for a cap. He had to cut the tooth in half to pull it, being a molar, and after pulling it was clear that there was in fact a pocket of infection on the end of one root, just like the X-ray showed. Ouch. Then the dentist drilled some holes in the bone to see if a post big enough for a molar implant would fit, but found that despite the (new) X-ray looking promising, it wasn’t quite as much bone as he had hoped.

Plan C: Place a bone graft, wait 3 months for that to heal, then place the implant, then wait 3 months, then place a cap. I hate plan C, because that means I have to wait all the longer for a cap and it’s very likely to interfere with the Great New York State Fair. But plan C it is.

I also discovered that after an extraction, you’re supposed to stay away from carbonated beverages and avoid drinking from straws. Problem: I am a frequent consumer of carbonated beverages, that being my only intake of precious, precious caffeine, and also I often drink those through straws.

Nevertheless I was dutiful and avoided carbonation. My next visit was supposed to be yesterday to take out a (very very irritating) stitch in the gums, but Tuesday I went in because I was tasting infection. The dentist re-irrigated but said actually everything looks like it’s healing well, and he went ahead and removed the stitch. Unfortunately, I’m still supposed to stay off carbonation till the gums heal over. Augh!

Meanwhile for an update on the whole car fiasco, I mentioned my wife got a new (to her) car. Well, the blower motor (it seems) is making terrible noise on high speed, which is a problem with these extreme low temperatures. She took it to the dealership to have that dealt with under warranty. They kept it three days, because they didn’t order a new blower until the last minute and then it got delayed by weather, then after that they had some kind of problem with needing “components” that supposedly wouldn’t be resolved till today, but somehow Wednesday they said they had managed to change out the motor anyway but it still made noise. They gave the car back, so my wife picked it up last night, but they’re thinking they have to get it back in and then take it apart to look for other issues, possibly even outsourcing to a Honda dealership. Meanwhile my wife and I are both left thinking that the blower motor never got replaced at all, and this is just a smokescreen for delays on their end.

All of this also pushes back any chance my wife has of installing a remote starter, which she wants, and by the time she gets it winter will probably be over—at least ostensibly. Realistically, we probably have another couple months of winter, because this is Syracuse.

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